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The Full Story

Who We Are

The Paint Shop Nail Studio is located in Old Hilliard, Ohio. We are an all natural nail service studio. We specialize in all things natural with tons of choices nail styles. This includes 400+ color selection, and a wide assortment of different beneficial and organic services to choose from. Our amazing, knowledgeable and creative team there every step of the way to insure you have clean, creative and fun experience! Please let us know what we can to make your experience uniquely yours. Our mission is to make you feel and look great!

Our Mission

You are our number #1 priority the moment you step foot into our establishment! We want you to feel and look beautiful. The way everyone should feel. We want to give you a fun and clean space. The ambiance can speak for itself. Bringing a very organic green, comfortable space with a little edgy and trendy twist.


We also use modern copper pedicure bowls, which are a natural antiseptic! The copper pedicure bowls are beneficial to your health too. It helps with building a healthier immune system, helps joint pain, and helps with blood flow!

The Paint Shop Nail Studio just wants the best. It's our happy place, let's make it yours too!

Our Brand

We want to give you a very green experience. From all the greenery around the shop! Plus all the organic products too! Here we care about you and the environment!

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